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Viva Vivo! - Tesco make up review

Mini Vivo haul
 Launched exclusively at Tesco in September 2011, Vivo is a very new cosmetics brand which has already gathered a cult following. Vivo certainly live up to their tag line "Alive with colour".

Ladies and a few gentlemen , if you are not already acquainted let me introduce you to Vivo Cosmetics.

Right to left: Pearlised Mink shade 6 and  Expresso shade 11.
£1.50 each
 Well it has definitely been a while since Tesco has done something to really thrill me. Not since tasting their deep dish chocolate pie have I swooned with such abandon.

Whilst in Tesco I happened to wonder into the cosmetics department and one section just seemed to be beckoning me closer. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that everything ranged from between £1.50 - £6 and boy do they have a lot of stuff! Of course my mind immediately leapt to ahhh nasty drug store make up, (we all remember that random gloop in shops as kids) why the hell would tesco make make up?! I now know and I LOVE it

Curiosity got the better of me and I reached out to test a few eyeshadows, which to my amazement looked great and were really pigmented.  The matte colours were not chalky or flaky and the pearlised ones had a lovely shimmer but not enough to make you look like a Essex Christmas tree and I don't even like shimmer!. Blendable tones? Tick. Smooth texture? Hells yeah. By jove I must have these- straight into the shopping trolley they went. I then moved on to lipsticks and snapped up 2 of those as well.

Pearlised Pale gold shade 14  and matte Rich chocolate shade 4
£1.50 each

Just as my eyes  alighted on their baked blushes and bronzers and found them not wanting. I thought it best to try out what I had and go back if they worked out well.  I had enough for research. At these prices I can definitely say I am going back.

As many know I am a MAC girl through and through. Their products are used as a base for everything else. Vivo complements my MAC products well. Although it has been benchmarked as the "MAC of super market make up brand" I wouldn't compare the two brands. Vivo holds up well to a select few of the drugstore brands I use. In times of economic crisis we all have to cut back and tighten our boot straps. Having to cut back is by no means an invitation to scrimp on quality or sacrifice luscious pigmented quality for generic swill. I didn't head towards the foundations as I am well aware they won't have my shade so didn't even bother.

Sugar plum trio eyeshadow £2.50, Barely there shade 8 lipstick,
Very berry shade 6 lipstick £1.99 each .

Vivo passes the test on some levels but not all. As a woman of colour it is extremely important that if I decided to wear makeup it is of high quality so I don't go out looking like a ashy faced, caked up clown- bo bo the clown is not in residence here! 

As with many brands they have a way to go before they can fully cater to our needs, pigments and various skin tones. In regards to the products I have used they are great and for the price it is a steal.

I would absolutely recommend Vivo to anyone. One down side is that it is not available in all Tescos, so if you don't have a big store near you your in for a hunt.

 I will definitely be doing another review when I have more items in my repertoire. For More information check out  the Miss Vivo Blog for updates and product information. They will soon have their own online shop for international folks and those who can find the brand in store.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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