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New beauty regimen (2013)

Hey guys,

My skin had been a little weird since August. I was having very odd breakout episodes with areas of dryness. I don't really get problem areas so prominently or prolonged so this was major for me. Maybe my lack of teen acne is coming for me with a vengeance -_-. Anyway as a result I decided to switch up my products and beauty routine. You can find items in my skincare haul post.

Skin is forever changing and evolving and studies show that the most common skin complaint for folks in their 20's is breakouts so here goes......

I have combination skin which I think is very popular. I have typical high shine in my t-zone but not my chin. I also sweat at the drop of a hat. Not profusely but more of a sheen. I have decided to minimise the amount of make up I wear during the first month or 2 and will only be using mascara, eyebrow kit, eyeliner and blush occasionally. This is mainly to let my skin breath and re-balance. It shouldn't be a major issue as I don't wear a full face every day any way.

I am using the following routine:

Step 1: CLEANSE with Superdrug Naturally Radiant  brightening hot cloth cleanser
Step 2: double CLEANSE with miecellar water 3 in 1
Step 3: BOOST with Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser & Serum-used during the day and applied in the morning
Step 4: INFUSE  more moisture with L’Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence-used at night when my face is cleaned
Step 5: MOISTURISE with L'oreal luminize code day cream- used sparingly
Step 6: EYE treatment Anatomicals ( occasionally in the mornings). I will be adding a proper eye cream soon
Step 7.WASH with Simple moisturising face wash at night mainly (This will be done if I feel I need an extra clean and replace cleansing in the routine)

*Since September I have also added Superdrugs Naturally Radiant micro polish scrub and Naturally Radiant renewal face mask- this range has been such an amazing find. I would recommend everyone try it.
I also added
Dabur rose water to the mix because of its legendary soothing, toning and cleansing properties*

I  think my skin has suffered from my lack of smoothies these last few weeks, so will be starting that again. I think the smoothies definitely gave my body a very big vitamin boost so I am starting again for sure.

This is my skin on the first day -21/09/13
As you can see there are a few pimples and some pore visibility as well as roughness/ texture on the cheeks, which could really use a moisture boost. Once moisturised my skin looks fine but I want the same look when I am bare faced and not lack luster skin.

Picture taken with no products on my face and natural light. The shine comes from standing under a skylight.

This is my skin by the 3rd week -12/10/13
As you can see the my skin looks visibly smoother and healthier. The little pore marks that were these have reduced and I only had 2 small spots which were on their way out. My cheeks will always be a bit more matte than the rest of my face. I think due to combination skin but I want it to be as healthy as possible.
 Excuse my wack morning post filled eyebrows thems be cray cray before attention.

Picture 2 taken with no products on my face and natural light

This is my skin by the 6th week -02/11/13
I think it is clear to see my skin looks more balanced and even. I have a few hormonal blemishes but they are very small and not damaging to my skin.Overall my skin feels and looks so much better.
Picture 3 taken with no products on my face and natural light
I am sooo pleased I started the journey to sorting out my skin. The transitional autumn /winter time can be tricky but by stripping back and clearing out old products  that no longer worked, I have allowed my skin to be rejuvenated and become healthier.

Until next time.........

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