Monday, 6 October 2014

Shoppers + pouches

I have really been digging simple shoppers and pouches of late.
 They are soooo chic and sophisticated. I have veered towards black (obvs so me) and there is something rather Autumnal about them. They just have an air of sexy Autumn/ Winter mystery.

Meet my current favourites.....


I am so of that generation that carries their whole life and room in their bag. 
My generation will be those crooked arm, lopsided old ladies lol!
The shopper allows me to do this and yet looks streamlined. Strangely I have been carrying less and the fact that the shoppers don't have compartments gives me the opportunity to put my pouches to good use. I have become strangely organised, no scrabbling about looking for my oyster for me!
Win win no?

Unfortunately they are all sold out except this little beauty

Are you feeling the Shopper + Pouch vibe?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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  1. ooh great picks! i love these bags

    from helen at

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  2. Hi Helen, They are definitely my October favs.
    I LOVE your Michael Kors Selma mini satchel, in your blue denim post!
    Will def check out your giveaway.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Monki is one of my top places to go atm.
    Thanks for stopping by Jeanne.