Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Handbag heroes #1

Hi Loves and a happy new year!!!!
So this is something different.
More of a what's in my bags, bag situation.

I decided to do a handbag heroes post about the other things that are always in my bag other than the usual umbrella and mint staples (this is London umbrella hasn't left my bag since year seven lol).

I keep my beauty ish/ miscellaneous things that I need in here so lets get started.

This is my go to bag all purpose balm of choice.
I always have this in my bag and usually a back up in case I lose it but these last so long.

 I don't have medication I take regularly so this is usually some ibuprofen, hayfever tabs, energy tabs etc I like to be prepared.
There are parts of me that are incredibly organised.
To the point where people say I am such a mum as I anticipate your needs 0.o - I am not a pusher!
 I like to be prepared!
I do get migraines and although I have a high pain threshold, life is better for all if my migraine is seen to asap.

ummmm the smell!
 I do have my staples when it comes to handcream (checkout my winter skincare saviours) but love to try new ones and this is proving to be pretty moisturising and light.

I buy these in bulk from primark. It is like 50 of varying sizes for £1. Which is a bargain.
 They don't snag on my hair and if they snap I am ok with the price. They are also great for multipurpose quick fixes.

Lipsticks & lip pencil 
I usually have 2 lipsticks and a brown lip pencil in my pouch.
I will usually all throw in whatever lip product of the day if it is something different.
Currently I am in LOVE with brown/ deep berry brown lips so my choices at the moment are Diva & Antique velvet by MAC.
Which are very similar.- I know seriously, I know!

Blotting paper
 It gets pretty muggy rushing around all day so these are a life saver for keeping your face excessively shine free yet still leaving the skin glowing. You can find these very cheaply on eBay.

Contact lenses
 I am a frequent glasses wearer and occasionally wear contact lenses.
These are a spare back up in case I want to change my look or refresh my eyes.

Hand sanitiser 
In any major city this is a must. 
Especially in London when you are travelling on public transport.
People are DIRTY as fuck! 
So just keeping your hands clean saves you from having an unnecessary amount of germs on you.
If you work in an office with desk jumping or just a busy office this is a must also. 
Get your anti bac wipes too!
My current one is Orla Kiely in geranium.

This is a great travel size spritz to refresh the face during the day. 
I actually discovered this when a friend brought it back from America for me and have only seen it once in the uk. 
I had the good sense to buy 2 from the 99p shop of all places and will be sad when it is finished.
 They are however great containers to reuse.

Hair product
This could be anything.
I received a sample years and and kept the container.
I  now fill it with a small amount of gel for fly aways or conditioner.

Cork screw
yep, you read that right.
 I keep a cork screw in my bag lol
 I used to be a bar tender in my uni summer holidays and was given this for my little kit on my first day!
It's one of those fancy, I have every attachment under the sun MacGyver things.
I am also that person everybody asks for cocktail ideas, wine recommendation etc. As seen in my holiday spiced mulled cider recipe.
I even created a wedding cocktail called the J&J for my brothers wedding.
Stick with me kid, we won't be drinking white lightening at bus stops but a bit of Pinot at a picnic in a park and I am your woman!

So those are my Handbag heros, what are your must haves?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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  1. I have been hearing so much about the Pawpaw ointment- really need to try it out! Also as a Londoner myself, I totally agree with the hand sanitizer. Also besides lots of beauty items, I always carry a water bottle with me at all times because hydration and an umbrella again because London haha. Love your post!

    Feel free to check out my blog also :)

    Claudia |

    1. The ointment is so good! Just an all round good product to have.
      I am the same, I literally lug around a 1 litre bottle lol.
      Thanks for stopping by Claudia

  2. Your handbag heroes are very similar to mine! I'm definitely a fan of carrying round hand santizier too, as people are definitely gross! Love the sound of the simple moisture spray, I'll have to keep my eye out for that as I've never seen it before! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. Summertime in Poundland is your best bet.
      I will be keeping my eyes peeled!
      Thanks for stopping by Emily.