Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Handbag heroes #2

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Hi Loves,

I am back with part two of my Handbag Heroes.
Those little things that make pounding the streets of London smooth sailing.

I have been sectioning my bag into pouches since my Uni days and I found it really worked for me.
So just kept doing it.
Considering I am not the most organised in my personal life, It is surprising how organised my bag actually is.

As I enjoyed going through my pouch in my last post and having a little declutter,
You can check my Handbag Heroes #1 if you missed it.
I decided to do another one as I have a new pouch I have been loving and it gives me a chance to see what is actually in there.

My newest pouch* was actually gifted to me last year by the lovely team over at  LYDC London after taking part in a #FBLCHAT and being picked as one of those who they thought interacted well and enjoyed talking to.
This iridescent, metallic very on trend featuring pantone colours of 2016, serenity and rose quartz purse/pouch turned up a few days later.
It being a totally different colour and texture to my other pouch is also useful, so score.

Here's my second set of handbag essentials.

This is the one thing I guard fiercely lol, it's a London thing!
Especially now as all public travel transactions are cash free and using my debit card just seems like a hassle to me.
Having experienced that moment of heart bursting, mindless burrowing deep into my bag thinking I have lost my card.
Whilst being miles from home is something that haunts most Londoner and is just not the one!

Mints & sweeties
I am obsessed with mints.
Give me that tingling menthol freshness any day of the week.
Trebor XXX is my all time fav but I have been leaning towards chewy ones hence the Mentos.
I also always have a few Jakemans Menthol & eucalyptus lozenges because I am a granny lol!
There is also rarely an excuse for bad breath and as it is a pet peeve of mine, I make sure I am not guilty of that eye watering faux pas.

This the best and safest/easiest way for me to carry my perfumes around.
Without worrying about breaking them or just being super clunky and heavy.
I have about 4 of these which I got from eBay.
This also means I have the option of scent combos and using my perfumes more sparingly.
They are of really good quality and incredibly cheap (99p each).
My current scents on rotation are Moringa and Vanilla body mists from the body shop.
They are super affordable and very different.

I don't often use these but they are good  to have none the less. 

Vintage compact mirror
This is actually belongs to my mum.
I like to say she gave it to me like a heirloom butshe prefers the version of me *ahem* aprehending it as a teen.
I like my version better!
It is very dear to me.

Emergency funding (money)
This should actually be £10 but I kept spending it, so I reduced it to £5.
Clearly there is £2 on in my picture so I can't be trusted!
In my defence I will say for the last 3 years £5 has been in there but I ended up breaking it a few days ago.
I always keep a few quid separate from my purse just in case of an emergency.
This is a habit I actually got into at secondary school and it really comes in handy.

This is such a must, just like hand sanitiser.
Just to have for general hygiene but because this is London.
 So either you will find something super vile on the tube or somebody crying uncontrollable on the metropolitan line.
Tissues are great for both.

There we have it. A few more of my handbag heroes.

What are yours?

*This item was gifted to me.
 Not for review or as part of sponsored content.
 Please see the  Ms. Wednesdays Girl disclaimer in full here.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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